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The Unstoppable Acceleration of Digital Innovation in NPL Processing

24 February  </>  Berlin 2022

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DDC Financial Group brings together investors, asset managers and companies in the distressed debt and NPL market with a global network of over 40,000 key players in this space, and an extensive technology toolset. Our suite of solutions helps clients to save time, find the best opportunities and maximize their investments.

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The January edition of Debt Business Magazine is packed with informative articles, technological advancements, and useful guides. The magazine focuses on how digital innovation is accelerating the NPL sector, with leading business figures giving their expert views.

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Our mission is to be the leading provider of information and services in the distressed debt & NPL industry, so our resources act as a gateway to that realm. From our online databases to our membership platform, and from our events to our expert content publishing services, every touchpoint is designed to support you in your quest for new opportunities. Welcome to the DDC network.

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Leading distressed debt investors and firms rely on us. We play a critical role linking buyers to sellers, whether they're banks, institutional investors, or private equity firms throughout the world.

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